7 Design Trends to Update the Look of Your Home

2017 home design trends - Greenery is color of the year

7 Design Trends to Update the Look of Your Home

2017 Home Design Trends can Increase Appeal and Marketability

Opinions vary about the top 2017 home design trends, but below are a few that stand out. Incorporating a few into your home will update its look and increase its appeal and marketability.

  1. Go Green

With Greenery designated as Pantone’s 2017 Color of the Year, you can expect to see all shades of green pop up in the design spectrum. Green symbolizes growth and the selection of Greenery is meant to evoke thoughts of flourishing foliage and fresh beginnings.  It can be added in small doses such as accessories as well as in larger upholstered pieces. If you already have a neutral palette in your home, it’s easy to add touches of green with pillows and throws.

If Greenery isn’t your thing, jewel tones will also be big this year. Intense colors such as emerald or amethyst will add warmth and personality, particularly in entryways and small spaces.

  1. Take Texture

Textural elements take design to whole new level. Whether in fabrics, art, wall treatments or lighting, texture brings an added dimension you can touch and feel. Texture is also big in remodeling projects this year. Stackstone is a popular material that will be seen everywhere from bathrooms to kitchens to patios. Textured tile is another material that will be big in showers.

2017 home design trends - texture is a key trend

  1. Opt for Organic

Organic patterns and nature inspired motifs help bring the outside in. If you’re not up for new organic art or patterned wall paper, buy a plant. Something as simple as incorporating houseplants into your design adds natural accents and relaxing green colors with the added benefit of creating a healthier environment.

  1. Collect Ceramics

Whether in a collection of candlesticks, pots or vases, (or whatever suits your fancy) ceramics provide a raw looking artisanal finish that is earthy and on-trend.

2017 home design trends - ceramics

  1. More is More

In a switch from the minimalism of recent years – the new trend is “maximalism” – prints are layered and colors pop. Mixed patterns are big too, according to Elle Décor.

  1. Make it Matte

Matte finishes and/or unfinished metals will be the standouts of 2017. Black stainless steel is said to be the “next big thing” for appliances across all lines from just about every manufacturer.  Matte finishes will also be popular on a wide array of fixtures and surfaces, including matte black faucets that coordinate well with black stainless steel.

  1. Raw Reigns

Raw textures reign, especially in wood and metals. A trend towards raw textures is replacing the super shiny finished look of the past and is taking shape in furniture, accessories and some cabinetry. “Cerused” wood is another trend that will be big in flooring, furniture and wood paneling. A “cerused finish” refers to a technique that enhances the unique grain of the wood.

2017 home design trends - Raw woods and metals are a key trend

We live in a distracting world of unending texts, Instagram posts and too much screen time. This year’s design focus draws us back to what’s real: life affirming “Greenery,” rich and earthy textures, organic and nature inspired patterns and raw wood. Incorporating just a few of the top 2017 home design trends will update your surroundings and create an environment conducive to unplugging and reconnecting – with yourself and others.


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