Custom Home Builder Jay Sondergaard Builds Local Homes with Passion and Integrity

Custom Home Builder Focuses on Southwest Metro

Custom Home Builder Jay Sondergaard Builds Local Homes with Passion and Integrity

Victoria, MN Custom Home Builder Focuses on Southwest Metro

Jay Sondergaard, a custom home builder based in Victoria, Minnesota, has a passion for listening to his clients and understanding their needs. He invests a bit of himself in each project he undertakes and personally walks clients through every step of the building process.

Before becoming a builder, Jay was a quality engineer for a computer components firm.  When he moved back to Minnesota in 1992, he and longtime friend Tim Forcier decided to build Jay’s next home instead of buying an existing house. A plumbing contractor, Tim knew the ins and outs of the construction business and had a wide range of contacts. By combining Tim’s knowledge of the construction trades and practices with Jay’s technical and administrative background, together they formed a construction/general contracting company. They sold their first project, originally intended to be Jay’s “home” immediately after it was completed. They started building another home next door which also sold right away and things just continued from there.  That was around 400 homes ago, and Jay is now in his 26th year.

Strong Technical Background and Exceptional Listening Skills = Satisfied Clients

When asked what sets him apart in the building business, Jay responds that it’s a combination of his “strong technical background, and his desire to listen to his clients.” He also helps clients “balance their wants and needs with their budget,” something that can be a challenge!  Whether the desired features are a large finished garage, a formal dining room, high end custom cabinetry and/or energy efficient options, Jay walks with you through every step and is your main point of contact throughout your building project.

Jay works hard to demonstrate his trustworthiness and clients soon discover that he truly has their best interests in mind all throughout (and after) building their new home. Changes are an inevitable part of custom home building, and Jay makes sure that changes are handled fairly and equitably. Jay helps clients plan their dream home, offering moderations on existing plans or working with an outside designer to bring dreams to fruition.

Custom Home Builder Jay Sondergaard builds with passion and integrity

Custom Home Builder Manages Highly Skilled and Experienced Team

Jay has assembled a team of highly skilled and experienced subcontractors who have worked with Sondergaard Forcier for 10 to 15 years. Clients are encouraged to meet and get to know their subcontractors, and Jay believes that developing these relationships benefits everyone involved.

With an office in Victoria, Jay focuses his efforts in the Southwest Metro. He has constructed around 200 homes in Victoria and Waconia alone. A man of integrity and faith, Jay volunteers at his church and has served on the church leadership board for many years. In his spare time he enjoys fishing with his son, spending time outdoors, and taking care of the 40 acres of land surrounding his home.

While Jay is the mastermind of new home construction, John Wichmann is his go to person for the sales part of the process. Jay helps you plan the building project and takes care of all the details from reviewing plans, costing out custom features, managing contractors to obtaining permits. John steps in to help smooth the way from the sales perspective.

If new home construction is in your future, call Jay to begin the discussion. As an experienced custom home builder, he has hundreds of existing plans for review that can be modified, changed, or adapted to fulfill your wish list. If he doesn’t have the right layout on file, he has a designer who can map out your ideal floor plan.

Let Jay help you balance your wants and needs with your budget to build the home of your dreams!

custom home builder Jay Sondergaard


Jay Sondergaard, Sondergaard Forcier Builders, LLC:, 952-443-3491

John Wichmann, JW Real Estate Group:, 612-309-4749

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