Dream Home Must-Haves Part 2

Quality of life factors can include a playhouse for your kids

Dream Home Must-Haves Part 2

Quality of Life Factors Must-Haves for Your Dream Home Wish List

Last week we featured a top ten list of “Dream Home Must-Haves” according to Property Brothers Jonathan and Drew Scott. The list included tangible features, according to their experience, that are most desired by home buyers. If you are in the process of building a wish list for your next home, consider adding quality of life factors that are must-haves for you and your family, such as:

  1. Schools: how close is close enough, and what schools would you prefer?
    (Visit greatschools.org for ranking information and reviews in your chosen zip code.)
  2. Commute time: what is the maximum time you want to spend on your work commute?
    (How close is the nearest freeway access? Is public transportation available?)
  3. Neighborhood: what’s your style – a neighborhood with lots of children? An adult community?
  4. Parks and recreation: do you want nearby access to parks, bike paths and trails?
  5. Community: do you prefer living in a community with lots of activities and amenities?
    Would you like to be within walking distance of a local community center?
  6. Shopping access: how far are you willing to drive for groceries and other needs?
  7. Views: do you need a “room with a view”
  8. Energy conservation features: an energy efficient home conserves energy and saves money!
  9. Green or environmental features: do you need easy access to recycling or desire environmental features in your home?
  10. Individual preferences: what’s important to individual family members?

When we were down to the wire in our home search 11 years ago, the clincher for us in our final choice was having something special that met each of our specific needs. I wanted an amazing kitchen with lots of counter space and storage. Our boys, then 4 and 7, wanted a cool playhouse. My husband, an avid mountain biker, wanted a place to ride. The miles of single track trails literally outside our back door clinched the deal for him. When we realized that the home we considered buying was not only in a wonderful neighborhood, close to a community center, in a great school district, but also had our individual “must-haves,” it sealed the deal for us and we bought the house.

Sometimes having each of these items written down can help you make a decision and just “KNOW” that a house is right for you and your family. Eleven years later, we still enjoy each of the quality of life factors that were important to us then. I still love our kitchen and it’s a focal point of family gatherings in our home. My husband continues to be amazed by the outdoor beauty that surrounds us and bikes the trails whenever he can. Our boys have long outgrown the playhouse, but it anchors our yard and has become an accent piece that brings back fond memories.

When you’re crafting your list of dream-home must-haves, don’t forget to consider individual preferences along with other key factors that can greatly enhance your overall quality of life for many years to come.

PS: Victoria, Minnesota is a great place to consider if you are looking for a community where quality of life ranks high ─ contact John Wichmann at 612-309-4749 to learn more.

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