Need a Remedy for “Cabin Fever”?

Jeff Byrne, owner of Cabin Fever in Victoria, MN

Need a Remedy for “Cabin Fever”?

Discover a Cure for What Ails You at Jeff Byrne’s Cabin Fever in Victoria

Jeff Byrne is friendly, focused and passionate about what he does. As the owner of Cabin Fever, a hunting and fishing retailer located in Victoria, Minnesota, Jeff takes pride in helping customers be successful in their chosen sport. He does this by offering start to finish service that anticipates and accommodates all the needs a customer might have when heading out on a fishing, hunting or archery experience.

Jeff started out in the sporting goods industry while still in high school. He worked in both retail and wholesale sides of the business and enjoyed it so much he decided to open his own store.

He purchased Berg’s Bait and Tackle in 1987. Jeff was young (24), single, and eager to launch his own sporting goods enterprise. His purchase included a house and a pole barn. He lived in the house and offered bait and other supplies from the small, one room bait and tackle store. The store featured a buzzer that customers could ring if they needed service early in the morning. The buzzer alerted Jeff at home to spring into action for customers next door.

Cabin Fever, Victoria Minnesota

The original Cabin Fever in the 1990’s.

Jeff has always lived within one mile of the store and raised his three kids, Chelsea, Charlie and C.J., while managing his growing business. He appreciates the fact that his close proximity to work enabled him to juggle long hours at the store with time at home shooting hoops or hanging out with his family.

As his business took off, he built a new store and expanded several times to his current 6,300 square feet of space. Today, Cabin Fever offers a wide range of the latest gear for hunting, fishing, and archery, along with a variety of services, live bait, hunting and fishing licenses, and an archery shooting range.

Cabin Fever in Victoria MN offers hunting, fishing and archery gear

Cabin Fever today boasts 6,300 square feet of space and a wide range of the latest gear for hunting, fishing, and archery.

“Customer service is the key,” Jeff stated when asked what differentiates Cabin Fever from other sporting goods retailers. “We walk customers through the whole process from beginning to end to make sure they find everything they need for a successful outing, including training in equipment use as they go.” He takes the time to get to know his customers and loves hearing stories about their success when they return.

Jeff has always invested in the community. He regularly donates his time to teach firearm safety to kids and adults. Jeff helps the Three Rivers Park District with their Archery Programs and Fishing Clinics. He has been an archery coach at Mayer Lutheran High School for the last ten years and has encouraged local schools to launch archery as a club sport. One of Jeff’s archery students even went on to compete internationally and earned a number three world ranking when she was only in the 7th grade!

Jeff Byrne is a tremendous asset to his community. Along with his personal involvement and contributions to youth and local activities, his store performs an important role in the Southwest Metro. People come from miles around to buy bait and equipment and to receive Cabin Fever’s trademark customer service and advice.

Cabin Fever, the store, provides a perfect remedy for Minnesotans suffering from “cabin fever” the condition, (described by some as a “type of hysteria brought on by spending too much time indoors.”) If you need a cure for “cabin fever”, stop by Jeff Byrne’s store to discover the many ways you can cure what ails you by becoming equipped to go outdoors!

Cabin Fever is located at 1550 Arboretum Blvd. (Hwy. 5), Victoria, Minnesota. Cabin Fever opens daily at 6:00 a.m. It closes at 8:00 p.m. Monday – Friday and at 7:00 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday. For more information, visit 

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