John Wichmann Appointed To The Victoria City Planning Commission

John Wichmann Appointed To The Victoria City Planning Commission

On January 11, 2016, John Wichmann of the JW Real Estate Group was appointed to the Victoria, MN City Planning Commission. The Planning Commission acts as the board of adjustments and appeals, with the power to hear and decide based on the ordinances of Victoria.

By joining the Victoria City Planning Commission, John now has his finger on the pulse of the activity within the city. As the Planning Commission hears requests and appeals related to zoning districts and code enforcement, John will continue to learn more about the rules of the Victoria and how he can use that knowledge to help not only his community but his clients.

The Victoria City Planning Commission considers all aspects of the community as they make determinations. They hear requests from citizens about not only enforcing existing codes, but also creating variances and exceptions to these codes. While working to ensure that community members do not incur unnecessary hardship in complying with existing zoning and building codes, the Planning Commission must also consider Victoria Residents’ best interest as a whole. John will directly have a hand in maintaining the community’s standard of living and city standards. This affects property values in a positive manner thus benefiting our clients and their families as well the city as a whole.

Victoria is a community.  We win and lose together. We understand this and that’s why John wanted to serve and was appointed to the Planning Commission. Part of our commitment to the city and its residents is to listen to the needs and concerns of his fellow citizens. To this end, John asks for residents to contact him to talk about ways Victoria can become even better. For his existing clients, John is now in an even better position to affect change in our community.

Working with all the citizens to make Victoria the best option for home buyers and maintain the highest possible resale values. John is looking forward to serving his community on the Victoria City Planning Commission this year.

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