How Much is Your Home Worth?

How much is your home worth, competitive market analysis

How Much is Your Home Worth?

Discover Your Home’s True Value with an In-Person Market Analysis

Pricing a home for sale is a process that involves both art and science. You can tap into the “science” aspect by going to a real estate website and requesting an online market analysis. Within minutes you will have some numbers that give you a rough idea of your home’s worth, but you will be missing out on the “art” component that only an in-person market analysis can provide.

An in-person market analysis conducted by a real estate professional who knows your area will be much more comprehensive and accurate than what is available online. An online analysis is unable to factor in a variety of considerations that a real estate professional can see immediately upon visiting your home.

An in-person market analysis combines both “art” and “science” by considering:

  • Comparable market prices on active listings
  • Pending sale prices
  • Actual prices on sold properties
  • Neighborhood desirability
  • Property condition – how does the condition of your home compare with similar homes in the area?
  • Property location relative to busy roads or other less desirable factors

All of these dynamics add up to a realistic assessment of your home’s value.  The JW Real Estate Group will give you an “as is” assessment, providing a price point based on your home “as is” without making any changes. Or, we can make a few suggestions for improvements that can increase your home’s value and resulting sales price. We can also provide recommendations of professionals who can make the changes you need to prepare your home for sale at the best possible price.

To receive a FREE in-person market analysis, simply call or email our office to set up an appointment. We will conduct research on comparable homes in your market prior to our appointment. We will meet with you at your home at a time that is convenient for you and tour your home both inside and out to accurately assess your home’s fair market value.

By combining the “art” of our extensive local experience and industry knowledge with the “science” of actual sales numbers of comparable homes in your area, we will deliver intelligent pricing to attract buyers for your home.

Call us today to schedule your appointment for an in-person competitive market analysis!  Phone: 612-309-4749; email:

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