Victoria Firearm Safety Classes Offered at Cabin Fever

Vicotira firearm safety classes

Victoria Firearm Safety Classes Offered at Cabin Fever

Firearm Safety Classes a Prerequisite for Hunting License

Shawn Eastman and Jeff Byrne have been teaching Firearm Safety Classes together since 2000. Jeff Byrne hosts the classes at Cabin Fever, a hunting and fishing retailer in Victoria, Minnesota. Hunt Master Shawn Eastman hosts the required Field Day at Marsh Lake Hunting Club, also in Victoria.

Shawn and Jeff teach safety certification along with a group of volunteer instructors who are passionate about firearm safety. Volunteer instructors include Richard Alpaugh, Shale Nyberg, Will Swanson, Todd Triethart, Paul “Hooper” Pexa, Jay Mittelstaedt, Jeffrey “Bubba” Reuter, Joel Blatz, Curt Anderson, Chad Collett, Dennis Sota, Renae Patrick, Ivan Clarke, Mercedes Akinseye, Jared Eastman and John Wichmann.

Victoria Firearms Safety Classes

Jeff Byrne instructs a student during Field Day at Marsh Lake Hunting Club.

Firearm Safety Certification is a prerequisite for obtaining a hunting license in Minnesota for anyone born after December 31, 1979. While the class is geared towards youth ages 11 and older, adults are welcome too. This year’s classes are offered on Tuesdays and Sundays starting on February 12 and run from 6 – 9 pm. Classes meet weekly and attendance is mandatory. Registration opened on January 1st and is now available by wait list only.
Firearm Safety Classes Field Day

The course includes 12 hours of classroom and field experience in the safe handling of firearms and hunter responsibility. The field experience allows students to learn and demonstrate principals of safety in firearm handling and hunting and includes live fire on a rifle range. While students enjoy the hands-on experience, the field day is an important part of firearm safety training that reinforces safety rules and respect for firearms. The ultimate goal of training is to eliminate accidents associated with firearms and hunting.
Firearm Safety Classes Field Day

Additional training options are available through the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR).  An online course is also available at which includes 12 hours of training and a required field day for youth 17 and under.

Cabin Fever, located at 1550 Arboretum Blvd. (Hwy. 5) in Victoria, offers a wide range of the latest gear for hunting, fishing, and archery, along with a variety of services, live bait, hunting and fishing licenses, and an archery shooting range.

Marsh Lake Hunting Club in Victoria is a private, 400-acre site that features five separate hunting areas, a 300-yard rifle range and a small trap-shooting range. Amenities include a rustic clubhouse and the availability of hunting guides and dogs.

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