Victoria, Minnesota ─ My Favorite Hometown

Victoria, Minnesota ─ My Favorite Hometown

As a Victoria resident for more than 10 years, I’ve watched my twin daughters, Elle and Kari, now 12, grow up here. I’ve served as a Volunteer Fireman and as an Accredited Minnesota State EMS trained First Responder. I was recently appointed to the Victoria City Planning Commission where I plan to help maintain and improve our community’s standard of living and to serve the best interests of our citizens as a whole.

I am passionate about building a community that is safe, healthy and that continues to be a great place to raise kids and enjoy life at any age. Investing in the wellbeing of our community helps Victoria residents retain and increase their property values long into the future.

At JW Real Estate, our desire is to be a resource for both buyers and sellers. Our blog is expanding to include local news, tips on preparing your property to sell, what to look for when buying a new home, and even how to clean and care for your property in the most efficient way.  Watch for occasional guest bloggers as they share their knowledge on topics that range from staging a home for sale to landscaping.

Thanks for your interest in the community of Victoria. If I or any member of our team can help you on your journey, please call 612-309-4749 or email us at

John Wichmann
Victoria Resident, Husband and Father of 2, Realtor

PS: If you have some free time tonight (May 18), come out and enjoy the first in a series of free Concerts in the Park featuring the “Rockin Hollywoods” at the new Charlson Thun Bandstand overlooking Stieger Lake, 1710 Stieger Lake Lane in downtown Victoria.